• The pipette is an indispensable tool in every lab. Pipettes are used to absorb chemicals, liquids, etc. Pipette accuracy is also a very important issue for the customers. Therefore, VinaCalib Company offers Calibration Service to meet the needs of customers.


  • We use a 6-digit pipette calibration balance combined with the Win CT – Pipet software for data processing and analysis, so the accuracy of the calibration can be up to per millions. Our calibration processes and procedure are based on Vietnam and International Standards, so reliability and accuracy are very high. The balance is associated with national and international standards, along with experienced staff, we committed to providing accurate, reliable and valid calibration results.

Volume Calibration Catalog

Target Tools and Device Capacity
Pipette Piston: micropipet one channel, mircropipet muti channel Pipette Calibration Balance JapanWeights class E2 To 10 000 µl
Laboratory measuring devices: single level pipettes, graduated pipettes, burette, … Pipette Calibration Balance JapanWeights class E2 To 50 ml

Please call VinaCalib for all Calibration needs. Contact us online or call 0934 178 339 to discuss all your needs and schedule services.

With every service call, VinaCalib will provide you with:

  • Consulting exactly your needs and responding quickly and promptly.
  • Instant quotation.
  • Fast Calibration and certification times.
  • The test criteria are in accordance with ISO 17025.
  • Meet the international standards.