• VinaCalib provides solutions to ensure that the equipment is operating properly as well as controlling the pathogen spread and preventing the leakage of hazardous chemicals.
  • VinaCalib complies with the VinaCalib procedure certified by BoA with code Vilas 1125 and complies with ISO 17025.

Temperature Calibration

  • Incubator calibration
  • Dry Oven calibration
  • Refrigerator calibration
  • Blood storage cabinet Calibration
  • Deep-freezer Calibration
  • Glass thermometer calibration
  • Electronic thermometer calibration
  • Data logger calibration
  • Thermal Water Bath Calibration
  • Autoclaves Calibration
  • Calibration of other heaters

Volume calibration

  • Glass Pipette Calibration
  • Micropipette calibration
  • Repeat pipette calibration
  • Cylinder, Duran calibration…

Weight calibration

  • Technical balance calibration
  • Analytical balance calibration
  • Weight calibration

Field of calibration: Pressure

  • Relative pressure gauge with digital or analog indication
  • Relative pressure transmitter

Field of calibration: Time – Frequency

  • Centrifuges calibration
  • Shaker calibration
  • Disintegration calibration
  • Solubility meter calibration

Field of calibration: Photometry and Radiometry

  • Spectrophotometer calibration
  • Elisa reader calibration
Testing and certification
  • Testing and certification of clean rooms.
  • Testing and certification of fume hoods.
  • Testing and certification of biosafety cabinets.
  • Testing and certification of cleanbenches.
  • Check spring manometer, electronic.
  • Check analytical balances, techniques, plates, tables, spring clocks.
  • Test glass liquid thermometer.
  • Verification of glass-mercury medical thermometer with maximum structure.
  • Glass alcohol thermometer test with minimal structure.
  • Glass-mercury thermometer test with maximum structure.
  • Testing the maximum contact electronic medical thermometer.
  • Check the tape measure
  • All equipment for the laboratory