• Biosafety cabinets are enclosed, separated and concealed spaces, often designed to avoid the impact of the environment entering the working space, as well as avoiding specimens in the confined space go out. Because of these very strict conditions, it is important to evaluate the viability of a biosafety cabinet.
  • VinaCalib Testing and Certification Biological safety Cabinet as ISO 17025 by BoA with Vilas 1125.

VinaCalib’s Biosafety Cabinet testing capabilities

  • VinaCalib has launched the Biosafety Level Testing and Certification Service based on NSF / ANSI 49 and EN 12469 to meet the needs of evaluating biosafety cabinets class II.
  • We use the latest and modern devices manufactured from reputable and reliable companies in countries around the world with data storage software on each device. All test equipment is associated with national and international standards.
  • With the motto “PRECISION – TIMELY – EFFICIENCY” together with technical staff trained under international standards, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable test results.

Primary Biosafety cabinet tests include:

  • Determination of HEPA filter leak
  • Determination of airflow parallelism
  • Measurement of inflow/downflow air velocity
  • Measurement of lighting level
  • Measurement of UV
  • Measurement of sound level
  • Measurement of vibration

Optional tests include:

  • Microbiological Test  

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With every service call, VinaCalib will provide you with:

  • Consulting exactly your needs and responding quickly and promptly.
  • Instant quotation.
  • Fast Calibration and certification times.
  • The test criteria are in accordance with ISO 17025.
  • Meet the international standards.