VinaCalib laboratory calibrates a wide range of temperature instruments and equipment. Markets include pharmaceuticals, life sciences, hospitals, analytical centers, processing plants, oil and gas, calibration laboratories. All of our calibrations are BoA accredited in accordance with ISO 17025:2017 with the Vilas 1125 code.

The ability to calibrate temperature and humidity of VinaCalib

  • Our company provides calibration services in the field of heat, using a variety of modern equipment with high precision and in accordance with the ITS-90 International standard scale such as:+ Multichannel calibration range (-100 ÷ 300) ° C, resolution 0.0001 ° C.+ PRT Thermometer range (-100 ÷ 450) ° C, resolution 0.001 ° C.+ Automatic temperature recorder datalogger measuring range (-40 ÷ 140 ° C), resolution 0.01 ° C.In addition, our company has many other modern equipment from famous manufacturers in the field of Heat. All of our thermometers are always associated with national and international standards annually.
  • Calibration procedures of Temperature are written by the experts with years of experience in the field of compilation and optimization based on the International and Vietnamese Standards, certified

Calibration catalog Temperature - Humidity

Targer Tools and Devices Capacity
Glass thermometer: immerse partly, fully. Calibration Water BathStandard Thermometer (-40 ÷ 300)°C
Digital indicator thermometers: any type of directlycontact thermometer, and so on… Calibration Water BathStandard Thermometer (-40 ÷ 300)°C
Heaters: Incubator, Cool Incubator, Oven, Freezer,… Temperature recorder datalogger,Multichannel Calibration thermometer (-86 ÷ 300)°C
Thermo water bath: water bath, water bath with oxidize Temperature recorder datalogger,Multichannel Calibration thermometer (-86 ÷ 300)°C
Air thermo hydrometer Versatile handheld instrument for humidity and temperature (10 ~ 60)°C
  (20 ~ 80)%RH

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With every service call, VinaCalib will provide you with:

  • Consulting exactly your needs and responding quickly and promptly.
  • Instant quotation.
  • Fast Calibration and certification times.
  • The test criteria are in accordance with ISO 17025.
  • Meet the international standards.